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    Hi, All,
    last night I finished upgrading my stock badlander seat from my '06 night train to a custom - ish solo seat.
    I had next to no idea what I was doing, and it was my first time working on a seat, but all in all I think it turned out pretty nice.
    It's a great idea since the stock badlander is only good for 30min at best, and about half that for a passenger. I used all the stock parts, so the only cost was an electric knife from wal mart ($10), and some glue and staples. The other tools I used I already had (jigsaw, heat gun, pop riveter). It wasn't all that difficult, just took some patience trimming the foam to make it even, and avoiding wrinkles when recovering.
    Sure, it doesn't look professional, but since a decent solo starts around $200, it will do quite nicely until I have money to waste!

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    Nice job, all you have to do now is figure out how to un-glue your foot and you'll be all set to ride:D:D:D.