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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by BlinkerBlu, Feb 20, 2008.

  1. BlinkerBlu

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    Went to pick up my beast after a short was fixed. My wife took me to HD and while I was picking up my bike she was looking at the 08's. When I went to get her she point to a Street Glide and said, "we are getting one of those in 09". Now I ask you, is that not a statement every Harley dude would like to hear.:skipping
  2. Agro

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    Like I said in another post, it is not often the missius lets you do something like that.
  3. Twisted Grip

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    Hey BB,
    The wife surprised me at the HD dealer in front of everyone with a sold sign and my name on it! She completely pulled the wall over my eyes!
    Seems like you have a good women there! :s
  4. Davidw2415

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    It took my wife almost three years to talk me into getting a bike; an 06 Fatboy and she's already tried to talk me into getting something bigger; but I like the Fatboy.
  5. Davidw2415

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    The expence of paying for and maintaining one can be a task at times. I don't think I want to take on two. Maybe in a couple of years when the FB is paid off we'll add another.
    An Rk would be nice, but I would really like to have a WG,
    And no I don't think I can handle Three. I think in a perfect world you could have a different bike for every day of the week and a different Fender Stratocaster for every day of the week. And maybe a couple of Corvettes. So many things, so little money.
  6. Dr. Dolittle

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    You should have corrected her and said, "How about I keep the Ultra and get YOU the Street Glide!! Then you get to ride both!

    Seriously, that is one amazing woman - hang on to that one.
  7. Iron Legend

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    BlinkerBlu, I hear what you're saying. When I was wanting to trade my Sporty I was thinking Dyna Low Rider but when we were at a dealer last August she saw this '02 RK sitting there, well...we're riding it now.
  8. bc fxdc

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    my wife talked me into a new super glide custom instead of used. she has never said no to anything I want to buy for it. It is great having a wife like that.
  9. Ozoneman

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    From what you all are saying and since my wife also encouraged me to get a Harley, I think I figured it out! Our wives want "Harley Men"! They are fulfilling their fantasies. :bigsmiley20:
  10. flstcdorr

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    Hey guys, truth be known, the wives love it as much as we do.
    I looked at used Harleys for over 2 years. Went to Sturgis last summer and got the bug real bad, little did I know she probably got it worse than me. We went to a dealership a few weeks after we got back, looking at '08s. They had a Heritage identical to one that I had drooled all over in Rapid City SD. She says 'Whata ya think, lets get it.' I said 'Welllll...' and she hollers out "HEY we need a Salesman OVER HERE!!" ..... True Story :60:
    A group of us are headed for Daytona at the end of next week. The 4 wives in the group are 'going shoppin' next Wednesday evening to get ready for the trip. Where ya think their gonna shop?? At the Harley dealership of course! :panic
    I own 1 pair of Harley boots, and the wife has 5 pairs.
    There's little doubt in my mind that the ladies love it too. :grose

    Ride safe (when and if this snow ever stops :51: )