Good News for Calif.

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Gezzer Glide, Jul 1, 2009.

  1. Gezzer Glide

    Gezzer Glide Active Member Contributor

    I just saw on the AMA web site that Calif has back off on the bill to smog motorcycles. I don't think it's totally over yet but we are good to go for now.:D
  2. craig Lee

    craig Lee Active Member

    Gotta Dig That! Haven't met anyone yet that rides that was looking forward to the hassle.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Second that...too many rules and regulations as it is, and ridership is actually going down now, while accidents are going up.
  4. xlcruser

    xlcruser Active Member

    I lived in the Socialist Republic of California for 45 years. Trust me, the libs got it in there head's it will happen. Those kinds of ideas never go away, they just get put on the back burner for when you least expect it. It will get slipped into some other bill, the lib republicans want passed and it will become the law.
  5. RickyBobby

    RickyBobby Active Member

    I hope that will be the end of that for a while. I was sweating a bit about things like my pipes, my intake, my fuel tank fumes cannister that fell off :) and that I have XiEDs installed.
    Now if that silly ammunition bill AB692 falls on its face, then once again I will be able to say "wow! isn't it great to live in California and be able to ride year around and be able to target shoot all I want "
  6. ProF

    ProF Junior Member

    It passed the Assembly a while back, and it was the Senate that postponed it. The article said that it MAY come up again next year.
    The main argument against it had nothing to do with bikers' rights or anything like that; it was solely a question of cost of implementation.
    Seems to me that if they wanted to get it passed without all the howling from those of us with modified exhausts, they would rewrite it to apply on a go-forward basis. That is, to apply to new bikes purchased after such and such a date, and exempt bikes already sold. Like ours!
    But we'll see what happens next year. Some of these things just die on their own.
  7. larryjmiller

    larryjmiller Junior Member

    Yep, the environazis will never go away. They have totally goofed up this state. If it wasn't for the ability to ride all year long and the beaches and the mountains and the eye candy, this place would be the pits...that's what I'm sayin' and yes, I'm stayin' Just waiting for the pendulum to swing back in the "right" direction!