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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Hughey79, Jun 26, 2008.

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    I am looking to have either a local indy shop I use or another dealership in another city build my 88 to 95 towards the end of the season over the winter. For a memory refresher I have an 05 Super Glide with V&\\;H BSS with quiet baffles \\;which I would like to keep unless it will hamper performance. I have a PCIII with stage 1.
    I ride mainly in the city back and forth to work so low end torque is required. However I still have the sport bike desire inside me and would like to have some top end as well.
    I guess I want a cam that will open up early yet stay strong all the way through until 6000 rpm''s. I am looking to get 100/100 if possible. Ofcourse with a family and kids my budget is LOW. I am going to try to start saving now. What should I be looking for in cams, head work, etc? I am always reading posts and searching on everyones builds but most have switched to the 96 inch motors and I was waiting til I had my bike out of warranty.
    Give me some advice. I dont really have a preference into cam manufacturer at this point. HQ, Andrews, Screamin Eagle, or anything is okay at this point. Thanks.