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Gona be gone for a few days

Ride safe bro', and be the "defensive" rider. Hope you have a safe trip and "dry",beautiful, weather for your ride.Get some pics for us.Later,HI-tek Rednek:rider
Me and my family are gonna be down at nags head next week. Me and my dad are riding the bikes down. I'm really lookin forward to it.
Had a great ride, we road 1877 miles round trip in 4 days. Got rained on twice, 1st time was lite rain that lasted over an hour, the 2nd was a monsoon that forced us to stop under a bridge for 1/2 hr or so.
Bike #2 ran fine the whole trip without any problems at all.
We covered elevations ranging from over 5000ft to sea level, temps from 102 down to 54, and over 675 miles in one long day, all on back-roads - no Interstate.
Bikes top speed is just 110mph and I had no heating problems in the stop and go 90*+ ride down the coast.
I'll post some pics as soon as get them down loaded and formatted.
I hate the board was down but with the fun I was having pecking on a keyboard was way down on the list of "things I need to do" .
Ride was great!!! Race was AWSOME!!!