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    Well good morning all. I finally figured out this goggle thing. I was the one that posted earlier about Grainger selling Harley safety glasses that was dirt cheap. I love mine but I see how goggles are needed. One word. RAIN!!! I got caught in the rain with my regular sunglasses on and looked like my dog during a rain tied to a tree blinking constantly. hahaha So I ordered a pair of goggles yesterday just to have in case. Winsheilds are just that. Protect you from the wind. Dude it does very little during a rain. Anyway after being caught in a few downpours through the years I finally did the goggle thing.

    Be safe.

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    I am using the ESS Advancer V12 with three lens colors: Clear, Smoke Gray, and Hi-Def Yellow. Spare lenses are kept in plastic "pods". Comes with goggle bag to keep lenses from getting scratched during storage, and a soft case for everything. The lenses snap open slightly to uncover a filtered vent to allow your eyes to breath and prevent fogging.
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    I use a pr of old WW2 flying goggles only problem is they fog in the rain. Good thing we get so little of it here. Goggles look very cool and are fun to wear