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Glider: Rear turn signal light problem, 07 FLHTC


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Yesterday I noticed that the left rear turn signal light wasn't on. I figured the bulb was blown but today I did a more thorough check and I'm scratching my head. When I first turned on the ignition switch the light came on but then went out. I switched the bulbs between the right and left and the bulb is not the problem. I should mention that the turn signal lights have the set up where they get brighter along with the brake light when the brakes are applied. So the right light is lit normally but the left is dead. It does not come on when I apply the brakes but it does flash when I hit the left turn signal. Any ideas? You might save me a trip back to the dealership.

If it flashed when you hit the left turn signal but not with other functions, it could be the module itself that is used to set the lights up for this function. They operate at a high temp and usually don't live that long.
Check the wiring to see if there is any obvious faults and check the light itself to make sure it has a ground needed to operate right.
Forgive me, but when it comes to electrical systems I'm a pretty good gunsmith. Where is the module located and is it a simple matter of unplugging and replugging to eliminate it? I can live without the turn signals working like auxilliary brake lights if it will solve this problem.

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You should find it probably under the seat or behind the side cover. If you follow the turn signal wires, they will go to the module. Look for the wires where they come through the rear fender just aft of the battery and ECM.