Give someone a pat on the back

Discussion in 'Members Services' started by Breeze3at, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. Breeze3at

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    For all the new members, and some of the old. The forum has a feedback feature
    that lets us give a "Pat on the back" to anyone for a good idea, post or whatever. It's the little military medal icon with a green circle and a +, located between the "ON" and "Report this Post" icons located under your username. Giving someone a reputation point is a nice gesture, and if someone accumulates enough of them, nothing happens, except they feel appreciated. :pelao
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  2. lorne

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    well said....:small3d005:
  3. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    :s Very good idea along with welcoming the NEW members it will give ALL a sense of belonging, Well Done again Breeze:D