Give me a "brake".

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Sibane, Jul 15, 2008.

  1. Sibane

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    New Road King owner here and I just have a quick question about the front brakes on my 02 RK Classic. I get a steady noise from the front brakes that will go away if I squeeze the brake handle just a very little bit. I looked at the pads and they do not seem to be worn and the rotors are fine as is the fluid level. Is this a brake bleeding issue or a defective/worn pad issue?
  2. glider

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    With many of the harley brakes you will get a wooshing noise as the wheel turns. As long as it rolls freely and is not binding and the rotors aren't warped or scored too deeply, you should be OK.
  3. Das Motorad

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    I think I can help you here. I have 2000 RK classic And I had the same issue I still have the issue with my rear pads that I have not changed yet. I have chrome rotors and the new harley pads the semi metalics will not shut no matter what you do unless you apply the brakes I had to go back to kevlar pads to quite them. you dont get the miles you do with the semi's but they dont sing anymore. With that said I off the Phat preformace to order the rears I have put it off long enough.