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Anyone have any positive or negative comments about GIECO insurance company , they are about half the price of my current insurance company on my bike .

I use GIECO insurance for my truck, but on the bikes i got the best deal thru Markel American. they are the ones that advertise in americaniron. The ad shows the whole crew on a bunch of different bikes and the owner is drinking a starbucks.

I wouldn't recommend going through HD for insurance quotes. They're high, I was paying $400+ /year with Foremost, and HD quoted me over $600 for the same coverage also with Foremost. Same company, same coverage, same everything but HD was adding about 1/3 for themselves.

It is interesting to me how much everyone's experiences with these companies differs. Progressive and Geico gave me extremely high quotes. The lowest rate I could get was with Foremost, through Harley-Davidson. I pay $250 for 12 month for full coverage in Indiana. This includes add ons and road side assistance.
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Iinsurance vary's from the city you live in to the company you have and your credit score,alot of things are takin into concideration like how many times one type of bike has been in accident, so for one person to try and compare to another's insurance just silly i think

Foremost is a good company and their coverage was identical to that offered by the other companies I got quotes from at the time. Those other companies (including Progressive and Geico) were as much as $300 more per year. Paying too much for a virtually identical product is just stupid, and maybe the 9 year old kid packs a great 'chute.

I have used many different insurance companies for variuos policies over the years. The unfortunate truth I have discovered about insurance is that you never really know how good it is until you need it. Until you need it, it is just a card you put in your wallet, and most companies cards look just fine.
I have had the best experiance with Progressive and USAA. If I remember correctly Progressive loves to cater to Bike riders.
Make sure of the coverage you are getting also. If the quote provided seems really good and way lower then all the rest, there may be areas where you are not covered. Some insurnace companies will not cover a MC for collision and only for comprehensive. This is soething you need to check closely. Also check on the amounts of the coverage, i.e., comprensive, collison loss, etc.