Getting rear ended and tar snakes

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by doctordoug, Jun 22, 2011.

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    Seems to be a good time to bring up these two topics. I am always sad to read about some one who gets hit by some one on a cell phone or whatever the excuse is. It seems to happen with regularity and my question is, does everyone look in their rear view mirror every time they come to a stop? I do this on the Deluxe and also in my car, I guess I've always done it. It has saved my bacon several times. I always have an escape route if some one is not paying attention. I would rather move even if it turns out to have been unnecessary than to risk being slammed into. I hit my first tar snake of the season and it startled me. The bike slipped in a corner but recovered without incident. Normally they just put a lump in your throat not down on the ground. So to all my friends out there, be defensive drivers and plan on being able to communicate with the rest of us on this forum at the end of the riding season. Luckily our season is year round here in the great Pacific Northwest.
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    I do look in the rear view when coming to a stop in an intersection.......worried about "blending in" to the car in fron of me and having a car behind me not see me and run out of stopping room! However just looking in the rear view is not the only part of this does no good to look in the rear view as you are stopping if you leave no escape route! You ahve to look in the rear view AND leave space in front of you to pull ahead and split the lane to avoid getting rear ended. This saved me one time already in my short one season riding career! Had traffic stop fast on the freeway. I was int he middle lane.....slowed my bike properly and as I looked in the rear view I could tell the guy behind me was not gonna make it so I pulled forward and split the right and middle lanes and the guy just nudged the car I was behind......he would have absolutely creamed me! Needless to say the driver that got rear ended was not happy! But I got to ride away safely! Bottom line is you have to look in the rear view but also leave space to escape!
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    The advice posted here is top notch. The only addition is of course being in gear at stops is essential also. "The best defense is a good offense."
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    As we say in the Air Force - "always check your six" and I do follow this rule. Too many distractions on the hwy w/cell, eating, talking, etc. & you need to have evasive route/plan ready to enact. Good advice for all...
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    Forgot to mention that! I always downshift as I come to a stop and come to a stop in gear. If my hand needs a break from holding the clutch I wait until I am sure everyone behind me has stopped!
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    "Check your six". I like that Iceman, and yes, I do. Ride like you're invisible because to many cagers you are!

    What's a tar snake? Maybe a roll of tar exuded from cracks in the highway?

    Ride safely.

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    In some areas of the country the cracks in the asphault are sealed with a tar compound that is sprayed into the cracks. It is very slick just after the road crews apply it. if you are in a corner and roll over one you'll definately feel the bike slide a little. If you are really burning up the corners you could lose it completely!

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    I not only watch my mirrors when comeing to a stop but as I'm riding and also when getting to turn a corner . I always make sure if I think a cage is too close they know what my intentions are . Another thing I do when coming to a stop light is flash the brake lights several times even when I'm at a full stop . I'm 56 and don't heal as quick as when I was 25 so I'm over cautious .
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    very good post, i always check what is behind me before i start breaking and once i am stopped i continue checking. have had a couple friend hit while at a stop light both now have problems with their ankles. best to do as is posted check behind and make sure you have an escape route.
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    You also might consider not stopping in the middle of the road with a vehicle in front of you. I always do all the above and either move to the left or right rear of the vehicle in front of me. Gives you quicker access to move out of the trouble spot.