Getting Old

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    There were these two elderly people living in a Florida mobile home park. He was a widower and she a widow. They had known one another for a number of years.

    One evening there was a community supper in the big activity center. These two were at the same table, across from one another. As the meal went on, he made a few admiring glances at her and finally gathered up his courage to ask her, "Will you marry me?" After about six seconds of careful consideration, she answered. "Yes, Yes, I will."

    The meal ended and with a few more pleasant exchanges, they went to their respective places. Next morning, he was troubled.

    "Did she say 'yes' or did she say 'no'?" He couldn't remember. Try as he would, he just could not recall. Not even a faint memory.

    With trepidation, he went to the telephone and called her. First, he explained to her that he didn't remember as well as he used to. Then he reviewed the lovely evening past. As he gained a little more courage, he then inquired of her, "When I asked if you would marry me, did you say 'Yes' or did you say 'No'?" He was delighted to hear her say, "Why, I said, 'Yes, yes I will' and I meant it with all my heart."

    Then she continued, "And I am so glad that you called, because I couldn't remember who had asked me.
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    A match made in Heaven.:lolrolling:lolrolling
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    Oh that's a good one! Reminds me of a depiction I saw in a magazine of and elderly couple sitting on their front porch smoking a cigarette, as if they had just finished a love event. Over the lady was a caption that said, ' Was it good for you this time?'

    The elderly man was starring out across the field and replied, ' Was what good ?'
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    I do that now. :D
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    Now that's just too funny