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Getting Itchy

I want to ride so bad I am ready to pud skis on my bike.
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I hear ya bros. Watching that snow starting to come down last night bummed me out so much, I just had to post something to pump up the adrenaline for riding soon! Glad ya liked.

Let's get this stinking winter OVER with already!

I blame Al Gore. Global WARMing indeed!
Hey DK how was williamsport HD I have been thinking about a road trip up that way this summer. I have a Williamsport Maryland close to me but the one in Pa is a couple of hours away.
Tigg, I'm still here! Got stuck here because of the weather. Didn't get home yet.

I wouldn't say it's a tourist's delight, but I've been to worse places.

I will say that the folks at the ocal HD dealer... not the friendliest bunch I've run into. They were all sitting around because I was the only NON employee in the place, and they seemed to like it that way. Just chatting away. No get up and go amongst any of 'em.
Nice Vid DK,
was there last year and leaving on Thursday to head back down for 2008.
Here is a pic of what was on that vid..


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Looks like a great time is had by all.

I had planned on attending a few of these things... Mrs even bought me a DVD of the various rallies... but when I was watching... the Mrs popped around to watch also... about two wet Tshirt contests later.. she said "I don't think so...".

So I'm banned.

But hey, those hotties aren't going to be the one's giving the OK for my next bike... so I'm not upset. I'll stick with my Mrs any day.
You only find trouble if you go looking for it down there. we meet a bunch of great riders down ther. I am takin the wife with me next year, as we just don't feel right leaving the kids alone just yet,(14,16)
I have about 250 more photos of from last year (ALL PG).
I am going to try and post from down there and keep everyone updated and maybe meet up with some fellow HDTalkng freinds!