Getting At Sportster Oil Lines

Discussion in 'Oil' started by skyraider, May 24, 2015.

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    Have a 96 Sportster and the oil lines are really close together behind the battery box. They still have the factory hoses and clamps one or some of the hoses appear to be leaking alittle. I think I could change them, but you need midget fingers to get to them, any hints on this?
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    Re: Sportster Oil Lines

    IIRC you have to take the battery & battery box out to give you room.
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    Battery tray and oil tank are mounted to the frame as unit with rubber mounts to isolate them from vibration
    Easiest way to access the hoses is to remove the battery and the battery tray there are 3 bolts that mount the battery tray to the oil tank and 1 rubber mount under the battery tray
    At the age the bike is it may be worth replacing all the rubber mounts as the do suffer with time and the weight of the oil tank and battery
    If the battery rubber mount has failed the weight of the battery is carried by the oil tank mounts and can split the oil tank this was a big problem on pre 94 sportsters so a larger rubber mount used on 94 on models and a redesign of the battery tray with an extra bolt