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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Bikergeek, May 12, 2014.

  1. Bikergeek

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    I am wondering how does one get all the engine oil out when draining it? There must be plenty of old oil remaining in the oil cooler and it's associated hoses. I wonder how much oil remains in there and how can you get it out on the 2014 Street Glide? It doesn't make sense replacing oil only to have plenty of the old oil remaining in the engine and oil cooler system. I don't care for the Scavenger tool. Not my thing.

    What method do you use to get the old oil out of the oil cooler system before pouring in the fresh oil?
  2. Jennmarr

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    I don't worry about it. No method, short of complete disassembly and cleaning, removes ALL of the old oil.
  3. W.Bacon

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    I've heard of using a plastic bottle to catch the old oil, or taking an old oil filter, remove the insides and cut it down to about the size of a hockey puck. Resolder it back together, tap a hose in and you've made your own scavenger.There's some other stuff in the self help section.I agree that it's unnecessary because we all buy the best oil money can buy and it's not really at the end of it's life just because we reached a regular maintenance interval.
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    Im sure a little dirty oil dont really matter, but I wonder if one of those marine vacuum oil pumps would draw everything out.I changed the oil in my for the first time this weekend and wondered the same thing.I made a rookie move and pulled the plug under my crank and wondered why only a couple of ounces came out, and thats why I joined this site found alot of knowledge
  5. tourbox

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    A method I would do from time to time is the following:
    Drain the oil, remove filter and leave off. Put 1-2 quarts new oil in tank. Start the motor and let it Idle. Watch where the oil filter was until Clean oil comes out. Re-drain oil tank. Replace filter & proper Qty oil in tank. It is a little messy & you have to waste 1-2 qts. new oil.
  6. Mongo1958

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    I use the Scavenger oil change system. I pretty sure that it will work with an oil cooler as well. Give them a call and see.
  7. dolt

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    The Scavenger tool works. Do a complete oil change and you will be amazed at how long your oil stays "clean". I bought the Scavenger a while back, just to try so I could see the results for myself; I was suprised. After the change, the "clean" oil didn't start to turn dark until very near the time for the next change. Normally, the oil will turn dark within a few hundred miles of a change because there is nearly a quart of contaminated oil remaining in the sump, cam chest, cam plate and various oil passages. AFAIK, the Scavenger is the easiest way to remove all the oil when changing. I changed oil without the Scavenger for years; however, once I used the Scavenger, I was impressed enough to continue. Certainly a personal choice but if looking for a complete oil change, the Scavenger is one of the easiest ways to do that. JMHO.
  8. Jack Klarich

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    Harley Davidson Forums This is posted for a Softail, tho it should work on most all bikes with a bit of creativity
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    i was told once by somebody to disconect the return line to the tank and put that in a bucket or ? and then put a quart in the tank fire it up till oil comes out and almost drains tank. Seemed like a pretty good plan to me.
  10. Mongo1958

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    One thing you will find out when you use the Scavenger oil change system is how good your oil pump is.
    I use it on every oil change.