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Get the Tour Pack and Extras Off the Floor


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It was cheap and I got it done in an afternoon. Here is a parts list if anyone is interested:


Pack Mount HW For 2 King Tour packs, two back rests, and two extra seats.
6 (1/2") Threaded Rods @ 3.97 - 23.82
pack of 6 (7/8)eye bolts x2 @ 6.13 - 12.26
24 nuts (To fit threaded rod) @ .11v- 2.64
24 washers (To fit threaded rod) @ .24 - 5.76
18 ft tube (To fit threaded rod) @ .28 - 5.04
Total - 53.60 w/tax


I got all mine at Lowes because it was close but Im sure you could get it elsewhere cheaper.
I ended up only using 5 of the rods.
If you do this make sure that you use 3 eye bolts on the rod that will hold the quick release latch part of the tour pack because that is where most of the weight is supported.

I ended up using 2 old rubber coated J-Hooks I had sitting around and cut enough off the hook end so I could easily slide a seat on it and left enough so it wont slide off. Nice having the rubber coated ones so you dont scratch the seat at all.

Because I am kind of thick headed, I found it reassuring when setting the distance between the horizontal rods to put the tour pack on a level surface and click the hose covered rods into the slots they would be in on the wall and took measurements then.

Lessons learned (the hard way, of course)
1. Lubricate the 1/2in ID tubing AND the threaded rod before trying to shove one into the other.
2. Put the hardware on the ends of the rod and measure to get the outside nuts on as close to the end as possible. It will make it easier to get both ends into the eye bolts.

If anyone wants more detail I can take the packs down and take some better pics.


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I tried posting a link to that to say that it was what I used as a starting point, but I cant post links yet.

Need to give credit where credit is due.
Great way to store some things as bulky as the tour pack without any damage happening, seats too.