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  1. ronelking

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    07 rkc had cam upgrade done. mechanic remove oil pump and said the gerotors had one dimple on each peak inside gear.he claimed damaged gerotor. what are these dots for?
  2. Dswartz

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    What dots are you referring to? Did the mechanic replace the pump? I'm not sure I understand how the pump was damaged.
  3. dbmg

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    Need more info. What caused the dimples??? How did pump fail.
    Is the dimples the same as picture
    Andrews Cam Conversion Gerotor Photo 5

    I would think that if any part of a oil pump failed except seal there would be bigger problems. If there is a oil screen has it been checked for debris...
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Pictures would tell a better story, dots are you referring to timing marks, or aligning marks?
  5. SuperUnknown

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    There are no timing marks on the inner/outer gerotors. The inner gear aligns on the pinion shaft via a "D" shaped opening in the center of each gear, and the outer meshes with the inner at the bottom of the oil pump housing.

    Unless U have had a catastrophic mechanical failure which would be blatantly obvious by broken/cracked/heavily damaged gears, my opinion is (without actually inspecting said gears myself) that there is nothing abnormally wrong with your gerotors.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    YES DIMPLE is a problem.... TOP (peak) of Each like something ran Thru the teeth of the gears and Damaged them...

    I don't think he was talking about the Marks on the SIDES of the gear...

    You have damage.. I have had Many apart and the dimple on TOP In between the mating surfaces = Damage... the dots (2) IF ANY are on the side face not the tops...

  7. SuperUnknown

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    I'm not talking out my (EDIT)
    I've blown a Fueling oil pump 2 pieces...and have another stock oil pump sitting on my garage floor as we speak....I just installed a new SE camplate in my '06 last week...and yes, it had a oil pump with it also.

    If something went through the oil system and physically damaged the gerotors, then there's a bigger problem than the oil pump U have 2 find.

    Pictures would be helpful here, but I still stand behind my original assessment. "dimples" in and of themselves do not necessarily mean the pump is trashed.

    Chips/cracks, yes...but dimples?!?

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  8. danroo

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    I just opened my cam chest to replace the chain shoes and the inner cam bearings with the upgraded B-168 from Timkin and took the pump out to look at it as well. I found dimples or pit marks on the larger gyrator on both of the gears is this normal? But no cracks or breakage, I have a video and will try to upload it so you can se what I am talking about.
  9. dolt

    dolt Senior Member

    Pictures are really necessary to respond to the OP or danroo.

    I would tend to agree with SuperUnknown that if metal has passed through the oil pump, the problem would exhibit with a loss of oil pressure, a failed lifter, damaged inner cam bearing, stuck pressure relief valve, etc. However, I would reserve comment until I saw pictures.

    If either case if there was no symptom that there was a problem with the oil pump, I would not be concerned in either case after further inspection of the related parts that would be affected by foreign material passing through the oil pump.

    There is no oil screen in the TC motors.:s