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    Just a quick tip for eliminating a metling spot in your Gerbing Union Ridge heated pants (I think the new ones have a heat resistant panel built in now); I had the wonderful experience of melting a hole in my heated pants in stop & go traffic, but I did find an easy inexpensive fix; the local leather shop was able to sew in two leather patches where the pants could come in contact with the hot exhaust, in my case this was the left side on my true duals but I had him put the patch on both legs in case I ever need to ride one with the stock exhaust. Seam sealing, leather patches & double stitching all for $26; sure beats scraping nylon (or whatever fabric they are made of) off of your exhaust. I had the guy run the patch a little towards the front too, just to insure full coverage for any movement that may be necessary. You could also add one to the lower right leg if necessary. I would think this method could be used for riding suits & any other apparel that may melt if subjected to exhaust pipe heat. Check out the before & after.

    For those unfamiliar with the Gerbing Union Ridge pants, the heating pads do not wrap all the way around the pants, just in the front & the hips. The heated sections are easy to see on these, just make sure the person adding the leather knows where the heated parts are!

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