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    Hi all,

    I live up here in Sturgis, SD. Which is at about 3400 feet I believe. Riding in the Black Hills I can get up to over a mile high in some spots. As we all know air gets thinner with the higher the elevation, so should I compensate the settings on my gen 3 or are these elevations not going to make much of a difference? For example, my gen3 came from the factory with green(cruise mode) set to 3.5. If the air is thinner maybe I should be adjusting it lower because at versus sea level, the mixture might be a bit rich?
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    If your bike pulls good with NO ping let it run a bit rich, this will help it to run cooler, always error on the rich side never lean
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    I have a Gen 4 on my 2010 Ultra and asked Dobeck the same question, as our vacation this year will take us to the higher elevations of the Rockies. Here is part of an e-mail that I recieved from Patrick at Dobeck:

    One of the beautiful things about the AFR+ tuning in closed loop for the 2nd (yellow) and 3rd (red) modes is the fact that it will make any adjustments necessary for your fueling, in order to get you back to the AFR value you have selected. The only mode that may need to be adjusted would be the 1st (green) mode.

    Your 2010 ultra Classic has a sophisticated enough ECU that you should not have to make any adjustments. The ECU on your bike is already making adjustments for elevation as you ride. It has a manifold air pressure sensor that allows the ECU to make fueling adjustments for elevation. Since the AFR+ is a true piggy back system, it allows your bike to make adjustments to the fueling and then allows you to make adjustments from that point.

    Just for your information, your AFR value will get richer as you increase your elevation. This is due to the fact that there is less oxygen in the atmosphere the higher you get in elevation. Your ECU should be leaning out the fuel map in order to get you back to a proper operating AFR value.

    You have the 3.5 and I have the 4, but the concept is the same, hope it helpes you understand like I do now...
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    Been over 11,000 feet with mine with no problems pulling a trailer. You may want to carry a bottle of octane booster with you just incase you hit a small town that don't have premium at the pump.:D