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    Why not a "Auto Tuner" instead of a gen 3.5 ??
    I was told by my local HD shop that a auto tuner would work fine for my application. I have a 2010 Triglide 103cc (stock).
    Would like to do a Stage 1 for now and maybe a Bolt in Cam later.SnS 551
    Stage 1 meaning pipes,taking out the guts in the Cat,AC, and then the Tuner.
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    Not seeing much help here are ya Bub? Hate to see questions go unanswered.
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    First off,
    Dobeck Performance would like to apologize for not responding sooner!
    Very, very sorry for the late reply.

    For trike applications, Harleys with a side car, or any Harley towing a trailer, DP recommends the AFR+ Gen 4. The heavier load on the engine can drastically change fueling requirements in varying road conditions. i.e. mountain passes, heavy winds, long hills. The EJK Gen 3.5 will not be able to compensate as well for these drastic changes in load.

    The AFR+ with auto-tune will compensate for these changing conditions.
    You will see a significant increase in fuel economy as well as better torque and performance.

    One concern with the AFR+ is your exhaust choice. The AFR+ auto tunes based off the reading from the wideband O2 sensor located in the exhaust pipe.

    Large high flow exhaust with little to no back pressure can have a side effect called reversion. Reversion is when air is actually sucked up into your exhaust between combustion pulses.

    As a result, your bike will run rich and you will get skewed AFR readings.
    We will ask about your exhaust choice when ordering an AFR+.

    This controller will also compensate for your cam when you get one down the road.

    If you are not interested in the AFR+ Gen 4 then an EJK Gen 3.5 will be what you want. We recommend the Gen 3.5 over the Gen 3 for bikes with or planning to install high lift cams.

    Again, sorry for the late reply.

    Let me know if ou have any other questions