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Discussion in 'TFI Questions Answered By Dobeck' started by mkaminski, Dec 5, 2011.

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    Everyone has done an awesome job of showing the install so I want to talk about what goes on after that. I have an 05 Trike and wanted better gas mileage than 30 mpg. Well, I have been working with Mark at Doebeck and if anyone knows the gen 4 it is Mark. He has walked me through the setup and I think we are almost done. Mark is working with me, making adjustments and helping me to understand what the gen 4 is capable of doing. This is all new to me and Mark has been very patient. I made some more adjustments today and will post new mpg in the next couple of days depending on the weather.
    Thanks Mark. :majesty
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    Be sure to keep us posted.
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    Great tech support, good videos, discounts, warranties, It just doesn't get any better than that IMO Good Luck:s