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    Hi Everyone, I am looking to get some insight on my Gen 3.

    I have a 2007 Ultra, it came with VH slip ons and i bought the Stage 1 breather. At this time I also installed a Gen 3 Tuner, this was in Sept of 2011.

    Everything was was good.

    It ran for about a year and the Gen 3 Tuner went bad. Great customer service at Doebeck, I had a new one in about a week. When I installed the new unit I had some decel popping which was no big deal. After about six months the bike would act like it would misfire every now and then.

    So I started the 2014 riding season without the stage 1 and tuner and everything is running OK. I am thinking about re installing my tuner, would like to get my bike to run cooler.

    While discussing the situation with Doebeck there were alot of questions. I ordered the Gen 3.5 and think I got the Gen 3.0. I believe Doebeck sent me the proper turner, which sould be the Gen 3? I have also had some questions about what the literature says my starting settings should be and what the website says.

    The GEN 3 has wires out the top of it:
    red : green : grey : white : yellow and then a seperate black wire

    So what do I have and what should my settings be?

    I would also like to know what settings I would change if I installed FULLSAC True Duals?

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    I moved this here. As it is the more appropriate spot for better response.
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    I would suggest you pm BUBBIE, he's the dobeck guru or he'll chime in when he reads the post.