Gen 3 TFI - Stage one - 09 Deluxe

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by harleypr, Mar 9, 2010.

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    I have an 09 Deluxe in deep turquoise and antique white. It is a beautiful bike. My first Harley but probably not my last. I have added a number of small things that make a big difference in looks. I also added a Screamin' Eagle air cleaner with K&N and Rush baloney cut slipons with 1 3/4" baffles. These two performance changes made the difference I was looking for. Just for the record I am using Spectro Platinum, 6 speed tranny and primary and like all three. I did a lot of research on fuelers and finally settled on the TFI Gen 3. In speaking with Chris at Dobeck I asked if I could remove the wiring that goes in line on the O2 sensors and use the bypasses. He said I could, and that's what he prefers, so I clipped the four wires coming out of the unit and added the bypasses while also removing and plugging the O2 sensors. Much cleaner now. The Gen 3 has more adjustment modes and has worked like a dream. My oil temps on my first 3 rides have been at least 30 degrees cooler. The Rush slip ons look great and have the sound that I expected, louder but not objectionable. I'm impressed with the overall quality of these mufflers. Yes, Chopper, it does set off car alarms. I picked up the bike at the end of December and just took it in for the 1000 mile service. I've been riding for 48 years since I was 16 and I've got to say I love this bike. I am looking forward to many enjoyable miles and getting to know a lot of my fellow HOG members. See ya on the road!
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    If you're out there setting off car alarms you're doing something right:)
    Couldn't fine no pic's of the bike under your profile, how bout posting a couple, sounds like a nice machine. Congrats
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    Excellent! Sounds like you are having GREAT fun with your ride. That is what it's all about!