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    Installed today and bike is now running great. Took a bit longer than it could have for a couple reasons:

    First, I took the fuel tank off completely in order to run the wiring through the wiring channel. My preference for keeping the harness out of the way and well protected. A little extra work but no big deal.

    Second, in accordance with the troubleshooting section in the installation instructions I attempted to validate that I had all the connections made properly before reinstalling the tank. What jammed me up was where it said "The EJK unit only needs power and a proper ground to show this error display." I must have disconnected and reconnected everything 3 or 4 times before I just put the tank on took a shot at starting the bike.

    All is now good. Thanks! :D

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I also took the tank off, wiring like you did...Doing this longer route to install...

    I like doing it the extra RIGHT way and don't punch a "time clock" when working on My Bike...:D

    Sounds like you did an excellent job.. :D

    Post back later after you use this product for a while and Maybe when you get the Smile off your face to let us know How It Works for you... So others can feel comfortable to use This Fine Product...

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    Thanks Bubbie. Will do...
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    Sounds like you managed to install our unit and begin riding, but I'm unsure what your question is in regards to disconnecting and reconnecting?

    To avoid confusion for other readers I'll elaborate on our instruction statement, "The EJK unit only needs power and a proper ground to show this error display."

    If you installed the unit and your bike does not start then you will need to start the troubleshooting process. First step is to see if any lights are displayed when you attempt to start the bike. No lights at all would mean we have a wiring problem with either the Red power wire or the Black ground wire. If you at least see lights then the problem could be with the other injector wires.
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    Thanks. I get it now. Just wanted to validate the wiring before putting the tank back on. No real question at this point. Was just throwing it out there in case someone else had a similar issue.