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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Dogface2, Jan 13, 2010.

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    Anybody ever use a gel pad? I have a broken tailbone and am thinking of getting one. They are kind of spendy and would first like to hear if anyone else has the same problem with the tailbone and tried this. I read an article on the net where a guy actually installed one in the seat itself. What do you think of that idea?
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    I have recently done a little searching and asking around about gel pads as I was looking to get my wife a new seat for her Sportster for Christmas. I got a lot of mixed reviews. Some said they love them, others complained about them retaining heat and being very hot to sit on in extreme temperatures.

    I ended up getting C & C Seats to custom build her a solo and I did have a gel insert added. The seat cost $195.00 and the gel insert was $75.00 additional. Its been too cold here to ride and offer any feedback on the rewards of the gel, if any.

    If you like your current seat, but are considering gel, take a look at They will take your seat and custom form it to your specs, and/or, add a gel insert. Their prices are very reasonable.

    I personally would not attempt to install a gel insert myself. I would be concerned about my ability to install it and replace the seat cover without is looking like Stevie Wonder had done the work.

    I have no interest in either of the businesses named above, just offering them as resources for consideration.
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    I rode passenger for many years before getting my own. The gel pad (removable and attached with a velcro strip) was ok - nothing I would personally buy but my husband swore by his for the front seat.

    He still uses a gel pad on his Ultra on top of his Mustang seat. I have tried but to me the gel pad just feels uncomfortable and awkward. I have a Mustang seat that I use for touring on my Low Rider but for around town, I use a H-D Reach Seat.
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    Not one of my better investments.
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    my butt goes numb after 90 min got a gel pad it just makes the seat feel different. it does set u higher. i have put gell in my seat not that big of a change. last resort when can afford ill get a mustang seat. if that does not extend riding time i must have a soft rear...........
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    I found that the gel pad on my Dyna did not do anything to help. What did help was replacing the seat with one that had enough space between the seat and the back so that it did not press on my tailbone. In my case I got a Mustang classic. I found that the stock seat on an Ultra also works well.
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    Have used a gel pad and while it was better (for a while) than no gel pad, IMO it doesn't replace buying a good seat, like a Mustang. I have a friend who like others here had a gel pad inserted into his seat by a professional, and loved the results. I guess it's all up to the end user.
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    I use a gel seat for LONG days - over 200 miles or so - and it works great. Haven't ridden with it in real hot weather, though. It does sit you up just a bit higher but you adjust very soon.

    Might want to consider the Airhawk seat, too. Supposed to offer the same advantages as the gel without the hot/cold issues. Adjustable, too.
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    I've used the Airhawk for a couple of years now, it's great. Doesn't get hot and sweaty in the heat or cold when the temp drops. And I really like the fact that on a long ride I can change the "feel" of the seat by adding or letting out air. Plus it's transferrable to any bike I ride. Got it on ebay for about $115. But you really have to pay attention to
    the instructions about not putting very much air in it. If you blow it up too high, you sit up too much and it doesn't do it's job. With only enough air to put you about 1/2" off the seat it can do it's thing, shifting around under your weight. And I have the weight!!
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    I agree; this is a great product. I used one for a year on my Kawasaki and it is probably the best option for your tail bone.