Gel insert or new seat?

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by gravel-gordon, Aug 31, 2009.

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    My wife has an 2008 Nightster. On short rides the bikes great, however on long rides her back side aches. She doesn't want to change the seat hight a whole lot, but needs something to soften the ride. what's the better answer a seat insert or a new seat?

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    The most cost effective solution is to adjust the bike handlebars, hand & foot controls first. Common solution is to rotate bars towards her, so she does not have to reach so far forward. While holding the bike vertical, have her close her eyes and reach for the bars, palms down fingers extended. See where her finger tips touch the hand controls.

    Next, have her do a two or three finger squeeze on each...if she has trouble pulling the levers to the grips, they are too far away or she may need an EZ clutch on the left and possibly different lever adjustment on the right. Her back should be fairly upright, and should not have to shift herself in the seat to reach. Do the same with the foot her heels lock on the peg and reach the gearshift and brake pedal at a relaxed angle with no cramping in the shin have to remove the bolt and nut completely, and adjust the level/pedals a notch at a time up or down to suit.

    If after all the above has been done, and you notice she had to shift around on the seat, a new seat is likely needed. Also, she could be fighting the wind, so she may want a Quick Release HD fairing. In either case, you are looking at $250 to $350 for each accessory, less $100 if buying used...but do the adjustments first...many times it is simply the easiest way to rider comfort without a lot of green.
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    My wife had the same complaint with her 2008 Nightster. She is about 5 ft 10inches. She switched to a Lepera Bare Bones Solo seat and it helped tremendously. The Lepera is actually lower than the factory HD seat and was about $160.00 with shipping.
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    I put 22K on my stock seat and thought it was alright. I finally got a Mustang seat and after the first 100 mile ride was mad at myself for not maing this the first $200 I spent after buying the bike. One of the problems with the stock seat is the shape so just getting a gel insert isn't going to fix all of the problems IMHO.

    I rode 700 miles in May in 10 hours and felt great. No problem with my butt falling asleep.