Gear Drive CAMS - Measuring Runout /cost

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    I am looking at installing Gear Drive cams in my 2010 Road King. I know that a tech must first measure the runout of the crank to determine how straight it is. My 2 questions:

    1. If the tolerance is too great - can the chain drive cam be installed
    without issue anyway?

    2. If the tolerance is over the allowable for the gear drive set-up - what is
    involved in correcting it and at what cost?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hoople

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    There are a couple of specialty shops that will tig/true a press fitted crank. From what I have read, once it is removed from the crankcase, the cost is about $200. It's too bad so much labor is involved with removing and installing the crank or else I would have had it done a long time ago.

    And yes to question #1

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I had the gear-drives in a 2000 FXDS, the crank was good and true.

    Now in MY 09 FLHR, I would not Plan Gear-Drives. My motor is SMooooth and I never bothered checking the CRANK Run-out.
    I like the Hydraulic style tensioner system they came out with in 07 on the big bikes.. Keeping it the same as is.

    I installed a set of SE255's and happy to leave it chain operated...

    The gear-drive is Nice but Really, IF not racing the bike I would not Bother going Gear..

    The chain set-up will work just FINE and less $$$$ to change out.. If cams are what you want to change,,, Go for them, Using your stock set-up...

  4. FishHunter

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    On those late model bikes, your existing cam chain system is absolutely fine.
    BUT, if you do then we would not if over .003" TIR.
    If it needs attention, then Darkhorse Crankworks, Newton, Wisconsin, is the only phone number you'll want/need.