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    A friend has a 02 Deuce and wants to change from the chain cam drive to a gear drive. Does any know what parts are required to do this and where would be a good place to aquire them? Is there any tips or advice on doing this?

    Thanks in advance....Gezzer Glide
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    I do know the guys over at Revolution Performance say your Crankshaft has to have Very little run-out. Something in the order of .0015" or better is needed for gear drive cams according to Brian. That would be something I would check on the onset.
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    I suggest contacting Herko. He provides both the gear set kit and the roller chain conversion kit. I went with the roller chain conversion due to it being more forgiving of other potential issues with the engine. Herko is definitely a "go too guy" for 100% COMPLETE conversion kits, email at:


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    The 02's have the crank with both sides bearings holding BETTER than the newer models of the last few years...

    On my 2000 dyns , I went with 570 SS gear drives, using a delkron cam support plate, feuling oil pump (more volume) and their lifters.... GREAT STUFF

    THE OTHER engine building things u don't need to hear about here..........

    I had VERY GOOD RESULTS with ABOVE combination...VERY GOOD

    I would NOT build that engine (your friends DUCE) with out the (higher volume) NEWER STYLE OIL PUMP be it a feuling or harley's update.....

    NOW TO DO IT A LESS EXPENSIVE WAY and some will say BETTER........... (BUT not me from the good results i had with the GEAR DRIVE)

    HARLEY makes the WHOLE KIT with the CHAIN/TENSIONER IMPROVMENTS.... upgrading to the NEWER system (badly needed before) on the 06 dynas and all 07 thru 2010 models -----

    HD's parts use the MUCH NEEDED high volume OIL PUMP along with a GOOD (better) chain /hyd. chain tensioner system and a BEEFER cam support plate needed because of the newer hyd tensioners.....

    YOU can get the HUGE LIFTS on cams only using the GEAR DRIVE but NOT with chain drives... GEAR DRIVES rotate cams opposite direction of each other allowing HIGHER LIFT CAMS (no bumping into each other)that CAN"T be used in the chain drive system(turning cams same rotation,, into each others path)..... his being a DUCE might want a BIGGER set-up on cam lifts (GEAR DRIVES)

    Now IF to do it over again RIGHT NOW.... I would probably not build my dyna as BIG/HOT as years ago..... and would GO with THE HARLEY KIT....... as compared to my cost back then (02)? the newer hd system is LESS money

    GLIDER has mentioned to me THAT the cranks in the 1999-up to ? 05 cranks... being better and NOT giving the RUN-OUT PROBLEMS as the newer cranks do of today......

    (not a quote from HIM but CLOSE) GLIDER correct if i'm wrong