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    Hello everyone,
    just want to say hi and ask for some help, I don't do messages much but I just bought a 90 FXST and after 9 years of not riding it's really nice to be back. I guess you never lose that tugging at your gut when you go through the gears hard getting on the freeway or rolling on the throttle going up a steep grade. I'm 60 now and that is went through my head on my B-day last January that I just don't have that much longer, so I went out and bought one. Now I need to keep it running, I was hoping someone out there can help me out, you see my last bike had points. I am having a hard time finding that timing mark through that plastic plug an I'm not sure how to read those lines on the ignition plate. I could static time it but i think it has to be 30 advanced on the plate after I get it on TDC. Can anyone give an idea just how lost I an before I get to far out of wack.
    Thanks in advance, Gdude54
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    Welcome aboard, glad to have you here. :ws
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    Welcome from Pittsburgh, Pa.

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    Welcome back to riding from Colorado.
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    Welcome to the forum. May I ask why you are trying to time the bike. What has gone wrong with it??
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    Welcome from So. Texas.
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    The way I like to set the timing is thru the Inspection cover on the primary. I usually do this when I am changing the fluid in there. Less messy. Pull the timing plug where you had the plastic view finder, rotate the engine until you see the DOT, not the line, the Dot is Advanced. Now take some carb. cleaner and clean the Rotor and the Inner Primary at about 3 o'clock position. Take some Red finger nail polish from the wife and mark the rotor to the primary with a straight line. I usually use a White engine paint pen. It's up to you what you use as long as you can see it with the timing light. Replace your plug between the cylinders and start the bike,set idle up to at least 2K rpm.,engine at operating temp. Rotate the plate to line up the 2 marks you made. It helps to have a friend on one side of the bike or the other. Never figured out the lines on the Ign. plate.
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    Hi, I'm timing it because when I get to a little past mid throttle it starts to miss, I put a fresh set of plugs and wires but it seems to be something else, I went ahead and ordered another ignition plate and while I'm waiting for it I decided to pull the carb off and take a look, I found all the rubber to be old and cracked ad I am going to go ahead and rebuild it, ( its a Mikuni ). Hope to have it back on the in a few days.