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Gas Tank Replacement


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Hey All,
I,m going to replace the gas tank on my '01 FXST/STD (scratched & dented). I've heard the fuel guage can be a problem.
Anyone have any experience with this? I would appreciate any help on the whole process.

It's no big deal, just wiggle the gauge out of the tank DO NOT TWIST IT or you will break the wires. It sets in a rubber gasket and comes out rather easily when you wiggle it while pulling up a bit. Once it's out you have to disconnect the wires on the back but make a note of their location first. The coupling under the tank right below the gauge has to be disconnected too. After that it's a matter of removing the canapé from the old tank and switching it over top the new one. New gasket on the cover and sealing washers are in order here.

You'll learn a few new words when removing the float assembly and the rest of the innards.:yes

It's a matter of twisting and turning it to the right position without forcing it. After re installation into the new tank check the float for any binding or hitting the tank.

Here's a pic of a fuel injected tank, but it looks like yours is carbed so it will not be as bad as this one.

Hey Glider,
Thanks for the info & pic. Your right it is carbed. At least I know what to expect now. I'll print this out to refer to. 6 to 8 weeks for new tank to arrive from Harley.

Thanks Again
glider, need your help! got the fuel guage out disconnected black & yellow wires. there are two more wires that run up into the circuit board that I can't get at see attached pic., do I cut and splice? or does the guage come apart? I took out the two screws on the bottom of the guage - nothing seemed to come apart, didn't want to force anything.


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I memory serves me here, there are plugs in the wiring down under the tank from the gauge that run through a tube in the tank under the gauge. If you unplug them, you should be able to pull them up and out of the tank one at a time.
Usually they connect to a circuit board down in the well of the tank and you can remove the nuts there and disconnect the wires to remove the gauge from the top.