Gas fumes coming from 09 softail

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by bikerwoman4u, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. bikerwoman4u

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    I been smelling gas fumes form my bike since I bought it in 09 new. I only smells the fumes when I've had it out riding and when I park it in the garage for the next few hours the garage is full of gas fumes. I have had my bike in the harley shop several time to fix the gas fume smell, with no results? Can anyone help me, I'm getting high from the fumes:51:
  2. PaPa T

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    I had a similar problem at first and it was with the cap not sealing properly. Clean gasket real good and make sure it is tight on tank. If this does not work try replacing the cap.

    PaPa T
  3. glider

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    When you smell the gas fumes, is it possible that you were at or near a full tank?

    After riding and the engine is hot, it's possible that the fuel in the tank is expanding and forcing either fumes of fuel out the overflow. Check the tank overflow hose located in front of the rear wheel underneath and see if the tip is wet with fuel.
  4. JPHOG

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    I had the same problem on my 2009 heritage softtail and this fixed the problem.when you put the gas cap on and turn it till it clicks push down on it and turn it till it clicks agian.this will help with sealing the tank and get rid of the fumes.hope this works for you like it worked for me.
  5. bikerwoman4u

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    I've had the gas cap replaced twice and Harley said they tighten the gas line to the engine. I don't know what else to do? Thanks for all you suggestions.
  6. Iceman24

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    JMO, but i think glider has it - fuel vent...:s

    My former 05 Sporty & new 09 FLHX both vent fuel fumes after ride & it's normal "post-ride" condition. Just keep the garage door open till she cools & you're good. Nothing at all wrong w/your bike(s). Now...if you "always" smell fuel (cold & hot) - then there's a problem...
  7. Slapp

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    I too have had this problem and have had it at the dealer 3 times now for the same problem. First time they said the "Heavy Breather" was loose, so they changed the gaskets retorqued everything and sent me on my way. The second time I brought it back they checked the gas lines, vent lines, retorqued everthing (again) and replaced the gas cap. The third time I took it in they checked everything all over again and ready for this? "These bikes just do this for some reason if it persists don't worry we added it to your bike history so we will warrenty it even when warrenty runs out."
    I myself am baffled over this and at this point the only thing I can do is leave the garge door open for about twenty minutes after I get home with the fan running. By the way my bike is an 09 Electra Glide. The Misses 2011 Hertiage never does this.
  8. Fatboy cruiser

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    Put me on the list. After riding my 03 Fatboy I can smell gasoline in the garage. Not an over powering smell and not all the time, but puzzling just the same.
  9. kc5gxc

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    Assuming the fuel tank cap is working properly....I would check out the vapor valve and it's associated plumbing. Have heard of these causing the strong fuel smell when bike is hot and garaged.
    Good Luck..........Pete