Garmin Oregon Trekking GPS as bike navigation?

Discussion in 'Accessories and Merchandise Collections.' started by Safehaven, May 6, 2010.

  1. Safehaven

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    I've been thinking of buying a Garmin Bike GPS for a while now but have been put off by the fact the I would need to add another wire to the bike, have to add a pretty ugly handlebar assembly and the fact that the zumo's are still, pretty big..

    A few days ago I came across the Oregon series of Garmin which are meant for trekking purposes, but also do turn by turn navigation, plots routes (with waypoints, off highways possible, etc), is water resistant, has the possibility to use topo maps for when you go hiking, has an altimeter, compas, quick gps acquisition, and the list goes on and on...

    Then I read it works on 2 simple AA batteries (means no charger, readily available for longer trips) and can be charged via USB or a charger if you like that..

    Best of all, they claim an endurance of 16 hours!!!
    Even at 8 hours this would still be alright to me as I mostly use it to get my bearings, then ride until the next waypoint, etc..

    This all sounds to good to be true, so I'm very interested in finding out if any of you is working with a similar solution or has the product..

    ow, they are also about 200€ cheaper than the Zumo..
  2. David

    David Active Member

    I had a look at their web site, it's a nice compact unit however; it doesn't do street maps and the map scale isn't great. I just hire a Tom-Tom Rider when going on holidays but had the same battery problem, so thinking about putting a power point somewhere for it. I am sure there will be something on this site to help me with that.
  3. Wayne R

    Wayne R Active Member

    I didnt want to permanently install a gps on my bike, what I did was I have a battery plug tender permanently installed on the bike,as a lot of us do, I then took a 12 volt cigarette lighter female adaptor cut the wires and spliced into it the mating end of a battery tender just make sure to keep the (hot 12 volt pin ) to the shielded connector side, and for those times when I need gps I plug right into the bikes power and I mount the unit with the car mount suction cup right to the speedometer and garmins units have a digital speedometer built in,and you can get the garmins not weatherproof units some for under $100.00 I figure I dont always need the gps so I dont need a permanent set up, also your battery connected battery tender plug is also already fused.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Wayne' post is very sound, that is essentially what I did HD Acc Covered Outlet is $19 USD and use a ziplock bag over my setup to waterproof. $150 USD (on sale for $120 USD is about what the 140S Tom-Tom goes for these days...a bargain, and the RAM or similar mount is $99 USD though I used the Küryakyn one for $40 USD...:D

  5. Safehaven

    Safehaven Active Member

    I also thought about doing this, I've got the battery tender setup as well and except for the fact that the tender is not fused I think it would work pretty well.

    I'd like to use the device in all weather though, even though the setup would work with a case or ziplock bag I'd still feel more comfortable knowing I'm not directly connected to the battery in case a short occurs.

    I'd like to know if the Oregon has been used by anyone on this forum, and if they found it to be a good solution? Or not?

    Thx for all the thoughts.
  6. fin_676

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    safehaven as you are in Europe then you should be able to pick up a pigtail and lighter socket for the optimate charger the pigtail is fused with a standard automotive blade fuse and there is a cigarette lighter attachment for it usefull for temporary charging etc however it would depend on how waterproof the 12v charger is


    OPTIMATE Accumate 12V Permanent Fused Battery Lead on eBay (end time 12-May-10 12:43:40 BST)
    OPTIMATE Accumate 12V Weatherproof Accessory Socket on eBay (end time 12-May-10 12:43:54 BST)
  7. darbonne

    darbonne Member

    I hae a Colorado, very similiar to Oregon, mounted on my Ultra and it works OK. Mine is plugged into my lighter recepticle but will work on battery also. The screen is a bit hard to read if the road is not butter smooth.
    I am about to order a nuvi 2300 for the bike for the larger screen and touch screen capabilities and will have a handy zip bag for rain. By the time you buy the Oregon and a map chip for it, I bought one for the Colorado, you could have a 2300 and save some money.

    Best of luck and ride safe