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1. This is a simple modification that will make things easy for you if you have a garage door opener and are sick of fumbling for the remote or button.

2. You will need the following items to help with the installation.
* Male and female connectors.

* 18ga electrical wire.
* Electrical Tape.
* Cable Ties.
* A low amperage push button similar to the odometer reset button.
* Needle nose pliers.
* Small soldering tool.

First get a spare remote control for your garage door opener and open it up. Usually there is just one screw that holds the case together and removing that will separate the cases.

4. Next locate where the button is located on the circuit board. See the pic below.

On the other side of the circuit board there should be a solder bead on each side of the button. Connecting these together is what activates the opener via the button. Test it out to make sure it's the correct beads by touching the ends of a short wire to them and the opener should activate (with a battery installed).

Solder a short piece of wire to each of the solder beads and route them outside the opener. Be careful not to overheat the circuit board and fry other components. Use a heat sink to disperse the heat from soldering. On the ends of these wires crimp or solder a female bullet connector.
The reason for the bullet connectors at this point is to be able to easily disconnect the opener if needed like removing your fairings etc. If you don't want to deal with this just make sure the wires are long enough to reach their destination.

IF YOUR REMOTE RUNS ON BATTERY VOLTAGE THAT IS NOT CLOSE TO 12V (e.g. 6V)...just disregard this step and use your battery in the opener like normal. Replace the battery when the range decreases to open the door.

Locate the battery terminals and solder a short piece of wire to each one and route them outside the opener. You may have to drill a small hole in the opener to pass the wires through. Then crimp or solder a female bullet connector to each wire. See below photo.

8. Now your remote is ready to be installed.You can use double sided auto attachment tape or the hook and loop tape available in automotive stores so that it can be removed in the future for any reason.

9. Next you will want to determine the best location for the push button. Also as mentioned above, the electrical odometer reset button on later models with the rubber cover works well and can be mounted on the opposite side of the console that the original one is mounted on. You can also mount it in other areas that would be convenient to access.

10. Next, find a place suitable to hold the remote. There is room under the seat or in the front fairing , many places to choose from here.

11. You will need to consider where the wires are that you will be splicing the battery power into. A +12V running light wire and ground will do the trick that is activated with the ignition switch.

12. It's just a matter of running the wires to where they need to go and using cable ties to fasten the wires down to prevent any chafing.
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OK, I am a self proclaimed idiot when it comes to wiring. How important is the gauge of wire used? I have some 22 gauge wire I was thinking of using. I realize these things don't draw a lot of power, but the sight of smoke coming out of my fairing would make me feel alittle uneasy.
22 Gauge wire is a bit small and would also be very likely to break easily. I would stick with the 18 for better results even thou the 22 would carry the load here.