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    I wanted to share a recent experience with J&M Audio. I purchased 2 Elite Series J&M Headset for a half helmet with the additional HD 7 pin cord. I purchased them from for just under $500. I received them in just 4 days and tested them out. One headset microphone did not work. I called the .com and was given the phone number for J&M. I purchase a lot of items on the Internet and have never had a company demand that I pay return postage for an out of the box defective part. The companies I shop with have always worked out something so I am not out of pocket for their problem. Well I spoke to two J&M employees that stated it was the company policy not to reimburse customers for returned items. One employee told me it was because most returned items work just fine and they weren't paying for incompetent comstomers. I tried to explain that I retired from the USAF after 20 years as an aircraft electrician and I was sure the microphone was bad. I was told no. I was given the company owners email address if I wished to complain further. I have sent two emails to John Lazzeroni but have not received a response.

    I called and the guy I spoke to was great. He said he would take care of it and I returned the inoperative headset back to him and he sent a new one and took care of the shipping. What a shame John Lazzeroni's company wouldn't stand behind their expensive product and make it right.

    Thanks for reading this I just need to vent about rich people that don't care about hard working people that buy their products assuming they will work out of the box.

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    That is not the first time that I have read about J&M having bad customer service.
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    Understand both sides (you & vendor)...I too hate paying for manufacturing flaws/mistakes, but with so many dishonest people out there it's hard to defend the few honest ones. Glad you worked things out.
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    Thanks for sharing your experience. Buyer beware.
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    Now I'll share my experience with J&M. I bought their radio for my Heritage and their headset. When we attempted to mount the radio to the handlebar, it pressed into my mirror. If I moved the mirror, I couldn't see out of it. I called the company and the guy I spoke with said, "Most people change out the stock mirrors." I was pretty irritated by that comment because I didn't want to change my mirrors, especially just to accommodate the radio.:bigsmiley33:So we end up making our own spacer to tilt the radio away from the mirror. Not happy with that company.