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FXSTD Softail Deuce


This is referred to as the bike that burns the soul. The 1584 cc Twin Cam 96B Balanced Engine together with the forward-mounted rider footpegs puts the rider in a laid bak position to deliver a comfortable and easy riding experience.
This bike must really be something to burn someone's soul. To be described as such only means that tis one is very unique and different as compared to the other bikes.
This is another Harley that just never really caught my eye. By looking at it I really do not think that it would provide all that comfortable of a ride. I am sure that the engine performs well and it can reach one heck of a speed with all those cc's but I am a looks person when it comes to bikes. Here is a picture, what do you think?

Harley's really stepped up the CVO (custom vehicle operations). Their goal was to make bikes that had more of a custom appeal. The Duece isn't a CVO bike, but is one that they like to refer to a custom with all of its little extras. Personally, I think they missed the mark on this one. It's just an overprice bike with some extra HD aftermarket parts on it.
Yeah, I heard it is not much comfort at all when taking long rides.I know a guy that bought one cause he liked the looks.He should have tested it for more than a few miles before he sank his savings in that one.He takes many long trips, and took a huge loss on that deal.
My wife has an 07 and we think it is pretty sweet. It is a lot more comfortable than my 03 fatboy.