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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Stretch_85, Feb 28, 2010.

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    Any one who has an FXSTC knows the stock sissy bar and passenger seat limit what types of sissy bar bags can be put on the bobtail luggage rack due to the angle of the “sissy bar” and the varying width of the seat. Before I go through the entire buy one and return it if it doesn't fit trial and error process, I'd like to know if anyone has any suggestions. I've looked at the Harley bags and they don’t fit, neither does the Kuryakyn Full Dresser Bag. I'm planning on trying the Nelson-Riggs CRT-600 Tour Bag next (obviously I’m looking for storage suitable for an extended weekend ride). If anyone has any advice or suggestions I’d appreciate it. And no, it’s not in the budget to buy detachable saddle bags or replace the entire seat and sissy bar as the dealership suggested.
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    Although my fxstc is a wee bit older than yours it has the same angles if i am putting stuff on the fender rack i use a dry bag
    and if i want more luggage fill another dry bag and put it on the pillion seat i hold them in place with bungees
    although i have throw over bags already on the bike for dat to day use the dry bags are great for longer trips

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    Just added this bag to my ride about 3 weeks ago. Fits like a charm, looks good, strong, you can sit on it. I had the same delima as you until I found this bag 10" (smaller one), the 12" is too big.
    Downside....cost....$185, but the folks will let you try it for up to 60 days and still return it if you are not happy. Their website attached.

    Lazy Rider Biker Village - Lazy Rider Shop
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    Thanks guys, good advice. If I can't figure something out I'll just wear the same clothes the whole trip, lol... keep a tooth brush in my pocket.