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    Hi there
    I have a early 1988 evo,FXR was a fully dressed glide now reframed looking like a heritage but all engine and carb is original apart from newly fitted single fire ignition
    The original carb is giving me problems
    Every time i shut off,15-20 seconds later fuel just pours out from the overflow
    Tried taking off the bowl and cleaning it out etc but no good

    So i am now going to replace the carb
    My buddy tells me to get a CV carb
    I have found 1
    Just not sure that it will suit
    The part number is 27206-93

    Anybody out there know if it will work or have any other advice

    Any help much appreciated

    Paul BIGPANTS Carey
  2. glider

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    Your problem with the overflow is usually the result of either debris in the needle and seat area or improper float height adjustment, both of which are an easy fix if you just invest a bit of time. The CV carbs are great carbs but yours is definitely repairable.
  3. bigpants

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    Thank you very much
  4. HDDon

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    If it was running good before this started, a rebuild kit should but you right back to no problems. A little bench time and the right parts will but your knees in the breeze.

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Keihin carb is very good, HD has had the same one on for close to 30 years in various iterations, so plenty of time to get the nits out. The other thing is the cost of the rebuild kit is patience, time and about $35 and if the carburetion was more or less stock (i.e. drill with squared point was not used to "open it up"), you should be fine.

    The needle has a Viton tip that grooves and brass seat can collect gum and varnish which can stick it open and the gravity fed fluid flows unimpeded to fill the crank case if not for the overflow (even that doesn't help if your fuel tank is full) and enough leakage occurs...

    When checking fuel level use a clear tube poked into the drain plug hole in the float bowl bottom cavity and tape it to the side of the carb...level should be 1/8-1/4" from the seam and adjust float level of rebuilt carb in very small increments.
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    As a carb gets older the rubbery coating on the tip of the float needle hardens often a groove will appear in the tip where it seats when that happens the only remedy is to replace the float needle can happen on any carb after about 5 years of life

  7. Jack Klarich

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    All good points, and make sure if you do a rebuild you get the best parts you can as with this junk gas and alcohol it reaks havoc on carb parts:s