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    Hello, I bought my 08 FXDC in May of 2010, it had 493 original miles, I have 8700 miles on the bike now and I am hearing a "rattling front floating rotor".

    I took the bike to the local H-D dealer after inspecting the entire bike, expecting when I lifted the bike's front end off the ground to find the front fork loose, thats the sound I hear, no extra free play at all. I was told at the dealer the noise is from the floating front rotor, told that HD has had problems with the design and is Still working on coming up with a fix all design. My questions are, Is this common, and what is the fix all answer for us, that want not to hear this noise from such a new bike,IS there another rotor to install that does not give the same resultant noise, any input is welcome, Thanking you in advance, 2008 FXDC........
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    Is this a stock rotor? I didn't think your bike came from the factory with a floater. Personally, I have an HD floater that I put on mine and haven't had any problems with it. I find it hard to believe that a rotor could be rattling like you describe and if any part of the brake system was rattling it would make me rather nervous. If I were you I would get a second opinion from somebody else that might be able to verify if it is the rotor or something else. If it is the rotor then there are a ton of aftermarket replacements. Is there anyway that you can get a part number for the rotor you have now? If there is a defect I would be interested to know if its the same one that I have.
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    Is your noise coming from a loose front end or the rotor. kind of hard to decipher here.
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    Dealer says floating rotor. Can you replace the buttons on the Harley rotor like you can on an aftermarket one?
  5. Jack Klarich

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    Stock H D floating rotors do make a slight rattle or buzzing noise at times, I think they should not tho most dealers will say this is normal
  6. 2008 FXDC

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    The rotor is stock as far as I know. I drove to Kansas city Kansas from New York to pick the bike up.The sound suddenly appeared and imo is getting louder, I hear the rattling more when I hit a pot hole or a road bump,The front end is NOT loose. I am not sure if I can change the buttons, I know when the rotor is touched, the noise stops. It is NOT the brake pads that I am hearing and wonder if that is the answer, change the buttons. I will look into the part # and re-write, I have been riding since 1974 and am not new to noises, only this is rather loud, upon hitting a bump!!!!!!!!!! I appreciate the input, Thanks, Mike
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    Today I decided to seek another persons opinion, went to the local dealer and asked if the head or top mechanic could help me and maybe take the bike for a ride, being the noise is getting worse, mind you, I have a 1976 XLCH and have had the cases split and completly rebuilt the bike, I was delighted when "Bobby' asked what the problem was, as he was walking towards my FXDC, I informed him there is a front end sounding noise, he asked if I heard it only when I hit bumps, to which I replied YES, he walked up to the bike and the 1st thing he did was put his hands around the 5 gallon fuel tank and lifted it up and down and it was very loose, the first thing he did was my problem. I informed him of my embarred feeling, to which he stated it is for some reason, a common problem, let me get the wrenches, after he tightened the tank, he says now, go have some fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My emotions were elated and the relief I have now, knowing the problem is and was not something major and now, I can go back to enjoying the road and having fun, to all let this be a reminder, I checked what I thought was every nut and bolt that it could be, but sometimes another set of seyes and experience is just what is needed........ Happy in New York.......:D

    the gas tank bolts were loose, no more rattle, I am a happy camper once again.......
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