FXDC 2010 rear wheel bearings

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by Heck52, Apr 11, 2012.

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    I have just under 15000 on my 2010 FXDC and have just had my 3rd rear tire put on. When I took it off I did notice the bearings a bit hard and ruff to turn. There wasn't any slop in them just tight and ruff. The dealer said he could hear the bearings when they balanced the tire and rim. Any body know what the life of the rear bearings should be? But a bad set of bearings is a bad set of bearings.
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    I have heard and read of several low mileage wheel bearing failures on newer bikes (2010 -2012). The sealed bearings are a bit stiff to turn due to the shield.
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    IMO HD made a cost saving mistake with these inferior sealed bearings, like car bolt on sealed hub bearing assemblies i have seen fail prematurely you cannot put a time frame or mileage on a failure, best advice is check them often and keep high pressure water hoses away from them, the cheap design of the seal allows water in
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    I just went to a link about wheel bearings, one being Rocker bearing 17000. My rear wheel bearings weren't as bad, but in just about 2000 more miles or 17000 they would have no doubt let go. They were very rough and tight. Now I ride 2up often and pull a trailer but am very careful about staying at gross weight. I do have progressive heavy duty shocks on. I was my bike once a week and do ride in the rain. But that is what riding is about. I think MOCO cut money in the way wrong place. I did pull my own tire put had the dealer put the tire on. My bill went from 264.00 for tire, tube and spoke strap to 420.00. For that kind of money they had better be a better bearing. I guess I'll be checking my front bearings very closely.
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    I had my rear wheel bearings go last year when I only had around 5,500 miles or so if I recall right. I was really annoyed at the time that such low quality items could be made for such premium price bikes :bigsmiley19:
    I never used a pressure hose and seldom rode in the rain, unless I was caught out by the weather while riding - but come on! These are motorbikes not sugarlumps - surely they can take a bit of weather!

    Anyway got the bearings changed and have done about 4,000 on them and no problems so far. Hope it stays that way for a long time.
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    Anybody have problems with the front bearings?
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    On my 2009 the rear and front bearings are the same. It has little to do with the quality of the bearing. It is a case about a bearing being installed in the incorrect application.

    Take apart ANY 6205 2RS bearing. Using a 20x magnifier, look at the seal lip and see what actually separates the precision balls & races from the outside world. It doesn't matter how good the bearing is. Just 1 drop of water or 1 grain of sand pass the seal and it's =>End of story.