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    Looking to change my FXDC spokes for a set of stock FXD wheels or would love to get some Low Rider wheels. I'm pretty sure the FXD wheels would be a perfect swap, but what about the Low Rider wheels? Also, would a dealer have any of these wheels from off a new bike sale that changed wheels when they bought the bike? As in, spokes for cast, or vice versa? Anyone on here ever swap?
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    Harley Davidson Forums Have a look here first, I would call your local dealer and see if they have take offs and see about pricing, my guess would be alot of Dyna owners have traded lace for cast and vice versa JMO
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    All Dyna rims (except Fat Bob rear and Wide Glide front) for each year have the same hub and rim width (2.5"f & 4.5"r for 2011). What you need to watch is the axle size and what years tire sizes changed. I don't know when/if Dyna's changed axle sizes. Dealer might have take off's, but most go home with customers. Maybe put a WANTED ad on local Craigslist.
    Here is a link to compare tire/wheel widths, look under "chassis" for rim size.

    2011 Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Models
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