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Hey guys another newbie here.

I got a FXCWC and was wondering if anyone had tried intalling a PCIII? I have not had any luck finding a place to mount it. I was thinking about taking it to the dealer and have them install it but don't want to spend the money and have them not be able to do it.

Sorry don't know much about the rocker but would be curious as to how your liking the bike so far, lots of interest has been shuffled about on the bike.
I just installed a PCIII on my Softail Custom. I bought the unit from Fuel Moto USA and the instructions that came with it were well illustrated. If I were you I would call Jamie at Fuel Moto and ask him about the installation for your bike. They're a good company to deal with. Phone number is 877-729-4754.
Seeing how I only have 35 miles on the bike it is hard to tell how I am going to like it. I love the look of it, with the fat tire and stretched fuel tank. I was riding a VRSCB and loved it. I thought that this bike would be long enough for me but I will probably add extention to the foot controls. The seat was hard on the (edit) so as soon as they come out with a comfortable aftermarket I will be purchasing one of those. I will probably do a little 2 up riding on it this weekend, so I will tell you about that after the fact.
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Got this e-mail just the other day from DynoJet

We have done an install on the Rocker and it turned out to be a very time consuming and laborious process, at this time it is not an install that we would recommend to the average user but probably best done by a professional mechanic. The bike has limited space under the oil tank to mount the unit and it is a difficult install at best. I will keep you advised as we do more research.


Stan Lass

Dynojet Research Inc