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    Heres one for ya....Being a noob to electrics( scared stiff of them) on bikes,particularly HD...How do you spot a blown fuse?I mean,I had a look at each one,but all I could see was a little hole between the top of the contacts and the sealed tin top.Is there supposed to be an exposed peice of wire or something,like in normal fuses?
    I've been checking things out since a week ago,(bike has been laid up for the winter,and I forgot to remove the battery.........dont ask!)when the motor turned a couple times then nothing,not even a click,and theres no disearnable fraying or loosening of the cables and connections,and no sign of corrosion anywhere I can actually see.
    Got a new battery on order,a friend of mine had the same problem on his dyna ,and the new battery fixed the problem.I'm hopeing its the same for me,but I'd like to be sure .Thanks, take care
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    You did not say how old the battery is or if you pulled the wires or just looked at them. Corrosion can be under the cable connections and not be seen. You could also have corrosion in the starter switch or the starter relay.
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    Battery is 2 years old,but to be fair,it got killed once (it was brand new)when my regulator fried in Spain.My bike spent more time plugged to the optimiser,than it did on the road last year.
    I tugged on the wires I could get at,all tickety boo there!
    Where would I look for the starter relay(would it die after a couple of turns??)and where would I find it( I know nothing of electrics)
    Is the starter switch the one on the handle bars,or is there a different one lurking about somewheres else in the system?
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    You can run the fuses with a test light.Better yet remove them check the contacts lube them with some dilectric grease, test the fuses with an Ohm meter

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    As Jack said, test for voltage on both ends of the fuse if in circuit. Visual inspection works for the ATO and Mini ATO "blade" type fuses. Me, I check for corrosion and if suspect just replace them (use dielectric grease on the contacts to prevent future corrosion).:s
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    You don't have fuses per se,
    they are circuit breakers. C.B.'s usually reset after a few minutes if tripped. The starter relay is #13 in the att link. The starter solenoid is on the left side at the rear of the primary cover, above the trans. It has a large red wire going to it. The battery ground cable on Dyna's is connected to a small stud welded to the left side of the frame (behind all the circuit breakers). The stud/cable is prone to corrosion and/or loosening, adding to starting problems. Harley Davidson Evo Evolution Chrome Engine Cam Cover Nose Cone Chrome 1993+ | eBay

    If the above doesn't help, or is inaccurate info, come back, and someone will have the correct answer.
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