fuses on a 91 heritage

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by puttalong, Jul 5, 2011.

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    I had a battery ark on my charger pigtail and now my turn signals, horn and brake light will not work. I can't find and fuses to check and the only wire that seems to have gotten burned is the pigtail for my trickle charger. any help would be great.
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    I think you need to find out why your battery arced. This is not normal. Loose connections??
    My 1998 heritage classic has circuit breakers for 5 main components: Main, lighting, accessory, instruments and ignition. The circuit breakers are self-resetting and automatically return power when electrical fault that causes it to trip is found and corrected.
    Best advice I can give is to get a HD service manual. Pays for itself many times over and walks you through the service needed. Let's you get to know your ride better as well, and you know it's done correctly.

    Anyway, not sure if 1991 is same as my 1998, but need to find out why it arced.
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    You may find the breakers in between the 2 tanks under the speedo and instrument cover

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    That is really strange because generally the Tender charger pigtails are directly connected to the battery posts (with a fuse). If you short out the pigtail charger lead to frame ground (even if there is no pigtail fuse), it will not open a circuit breaker that is downstream of the battery.

    Where does your Tender charger pigtail hook to. It must not be directly to the battery.(?)