further fuel control options?

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    Hi all, new here, will post an intro in a bit, but had a question that was how I found this place...

    I recently bought a 98 FLHP-I, the PO had the dealer install, and map, Bassani true duals, straight, as well as a Forcewinder intake. The bike runs like a raped ape, but has a wicked backfire problem on quick deceleration, downshifting or just throttle letoff, and a bit of a surge on constant throttle. Experience (been riding and wrenching for decades, but only carb'd bikes and trucks) tells me that it's running too lean and our friend Google suggests that the factory module's mapping can't quite counter for the extreme leaning that much breathing has introduced. Finances recently clamped down on me, so I don't have a ton of money, what can I do to fix this? Would the revtech module work, how about the Cobra, both are under a buck fifty from J&P, or do I need to go higher? Something else I can do, any personal recommendations and not just search results?

    Any info greatly appreciated!

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