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Hey, just thought I'd share this idea with you guys. Our first motorcycle event ever was Sturgis 2005. We rode out with some friends, (3 nurses & a truck driver, ha,ha) Our trailer was loaded with 3 harleys, 2 dual sports, and a hot air balloon in the bed of the truck. My husband & I had the dual sports, and while we did a few of the big rides, we ended up spending 3 days riding off road in Silver City. That was awesome. We would ride dirt roads and trails to the highest point that we could obtain (didn't have beefy enough tires to go to the tops of the mountains). We got some great pictures, had some fun checking out abandoned mines, couldn't go in too far though, the sound of the bugs in the dark skeered me back to the outside world. We also found the best raspberries I've ever had in my life. I tried to bring some back to the other guys in the group, but the berries never survived the trip. Between that stuff and a couple of great balloon rides down main street in Custer, we had a blast...literally.

Just wanted to share these ideas with you folks, if you ever get the chance to have a dual sport out there, take it. It's some great riding. However, I can't wait to go back, (looks like 2009 for us) and actually ride the harley out there.

I bet there is a lot of great stories and adventures out there, would love to hear of them. :rider
if you ever get to the nothern ca coast we have lots of old logging roads and minning roads up here quitea few old mines and just some mountain roads lots of beutiful rivers to
you can get n-ca off road atlas but a lot of the roads are not listed
but the most awesome is riding threw the redwoods every one should do that once ,its like you went back to prehistoric times if anyone comes to the n-coast contact me i will tell you the most colest places to see
until around a year or so ago stan dishong his motor cycle collection &museum in port orford oregon (for those that dont know who he is do a search for him on the internet )
just so much to see and so many different types of riding areas
take care &be safe
Thanks, I'll add that to my list...(of things to do). Never know where we will end up, and we will go every chance we get. There's just some places I like to see and just couldn't get there on a 700 lb bike huh?