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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 09blueflhtcu, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. 09blueflhtcu

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    Has anyone tried the Fullsac X-Pipe 2009-2011 Touring with ceramic coating? thinking of going with this to reduse the heat on my right leg. It says it reduses heat but how much? enough to make it worth buying? Also performance dose it help performance?
  2. ron1978

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    i had true duals add to mine with full stage 1 addedto cool motor little, no heat what so every on roadking, same platform as you. the trues dual setup only 1 pipe from front cyclinder come all the way back the other exit left hand side of bike, my friend has 2 into 1 exhaust and his leg cooks!
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    I put the fulsac 2/1/2 header on mty 2009 CVO Ultra 110 late last summer. Best item I have added to the bike yet. I had already added Khrome Werks 3.5" power plus Slip-ons and done my own tuning with a Screamin Eagle Super Tuner. The bike ran pretty well, but when I added the Fulsac, WOW! I liked the bike before but now I love this machine. Solid torque from well below 2000 rpm and all through the midrange. All I got is the seat of the pants dyno and near 1/2 million miles of motorcyling experience, but I have to guess I easily picked up 10-15 ft lbs of torque on this bike at 2400 to 4000 rpm. I had already cooled the bike down when I did the tuning so I really can't say the Fulsac made a big difference there, but I'll say it again. It did make that 100 a torque builder and a ton more fun to ride. Still getting 42 mpg at 75 mph too.

    I liked the 2/1/2 so much I bought one for the wifes FLHXXX too. Decided to try a Fuel Moto Jackpot header for that one and I can tell you the Fulsac was a lot easier to mount. Haven't had enough weather without snow and ice to test the FLHXXX yet.