Full Throttle Saloon

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by robermv32, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. robermv32

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    I was flipping channels and came across a show called "Full Throttle Saloon" about a bar in Sturgis. I was just wondering if anyone has ever been there and if there are any interesting stories about the place. Seemed pretty cool. Might make a stop there next year.
  2. lionsm53

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    Lots of skin and $6 dollar beers....Need I say more?

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Biglew not drinking "much" in SD...must have been on best behavior THAT day...:D
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Too many choices when it comes to drinking and partying in Sturgis, check out the Dungeon bar on main street, its a riot and u can sign in on the walls. The B and B in Spearfish has live music and an older setting
  5. hammerhead pat

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    Yea, I've seen the show, I think there was only about 6 or 7 episodes. Pretty interesting to see how much stuff the owner has to go thru . Fights, bartenders ripping him off, hail storms ,etc. I'll say one thing, the guys office looks like a bomb went off in there. I enjoyed the show!
  6. roadkingjohnny

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    great show a week of sturgis.ole full throttle rocks
  7. R. Lewis

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    As far as the bar itself --- the wife & I were there before the rally this year and FTS was just opening up , cleaning and getting it ready. Lots of cool ol scoots and scooter bits and pieces , and the cab of a semi-truck. The back area where all the vendors would be and the burn-out pit. Don't know exactly what the drink charges are there - but have heard any where from $6 to $10 for beer and $9 to $15 for a drink? Like I said this is just what I heard. They do have a bunch of t-shirts,hats and other FTS apparell that are over priced!

    As far as the show ---- I've seen a couple of episodes and - JMO here - ain't nothin but a nite time soap opera!!! BOO-HOO poor me with the dreadlock hair I'm not making any money !!! The show of the day the hail storm hit there the owner NOT once( at least I didn't hear him) asked if anybody got hurt or ask how the patrons bikes were or nothing. Just "cry-babied" about how much neon he lost and already saying he has $50k in damage ,blah-blah-blah!!! HE HAS INSURANCE FOR THIS!!

    I like the bar and it is pretty cool in person but not a fan of the tv show!! JMO so I'll get of the box now!!
  8. BikeSAG

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    Seen the show. Going to Sturgis in August 2010. Staying near Hill City. Certainly will have to stop by and check it out.
  9. captkirkis

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    Seen the whole series of the show, and enjoyed it, as did my 14 yr old son......lol:lolrolling We (wife and I) went to the black hills in early July and stopped in at the Throttle and met Fajita Mike (the drunk cook). I don't even think it was noon yet and he wanted us to get drunk with him:cheers:lolrolling....but too much to see, so we checked out the grounds there and rolled out. As I said too much to see in the black hills to waste your day drinking.....IMO....If I ever go there DURING rally, I might go there for the Jackyl show.....I would rather go pre-rally, not as much traffic.:D
  10. roadkingjohnny

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    :newsmile011:love those flaunt girls