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    First I have allready done a search.
    I am thinking of buying the Full-Sac daul exhaust kit for my 2008 UC. I wanted to use the stock muffles.
    In the searchs I found that the left and right muffles have differing pressure and you will not get a good sound. Recomendations are to change the slip ons. If I need to do this why go with this kit in the first place?? Will this cause any mechanical prolems if I do not change the slip ons.

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    I would call them and ask those exact questions.


    Hi John, If this is the kit that eliminates the down tube from the rear pipe to the front pipe I have one installed on my 07 electra glide classic. When I installed it I removed the slip ons and took them to a buddy who cut the welds in the back and removed the baffles. Been running the for 3 years now and no problems what so ever sounds good also and cheaper than buying new slip ons...critter
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    If you the stock or unbalanced mufflers you will damage the rear cylinder. The stock system has the left muffler with more back pressure than the right to push more exhaust thru the crossover for exhaust scavenging
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    I thought about doing this same thing and was told that no damage would occur except to the left muffler which will turn blue in no time from overheating. It normally, with the stock exhaust, only handles about 20% of the exhaust flow of the engine. Put a true-dual kit on and it is handling 50% of the exhaust and creates too much back pressure. You will see no performance gain, would be wasting your money and would be throwing a lot of heat from under the seat, which the 96" motor already does without any help. If you're going to put on the true-dual kit, invest in a set of slip-ons as well. Your bike (and your thighs and butt) will thank you.