full exhaust options for 2009 vrod

Discussion in 'VRSC Models' started by doc on a hog, Mar 23, 2010.

  1. doc on a hog

    doc on a hog New Member

    Getting a new 2009 V-rod any help on the best aftermarket exhaust options would be appreciated.
  2. rancid

    rancid Active Member

    what kindof vrod, V+H comp series is not bad but very loud. cfr 2-1 with a quiet baffle is pretty good also
  3. Crocker

    Crocker Active Member

    You will have lots of choices , like rancid said cfr and V&H comp seems to be most popular also lot of vrod guys like the hp numbers on rhineharts,but the biggest thing is you will lose 30 lbs off rite side of your bike that is on the A and DX models and you will find the bike more balanced. the stock cans are very heavy but do perform well,also if you go with one of the more free flowing exhaust then you will need to add some type of fuel management system ,if you do something that is not as free flowing like a slipon kerker, supertrapp , you can get awey from fuel management . most of the big name exhaust companys have Vrod exhaust systems so the choice will be yours.there is also the choice of what is called Vmoding your stock exhaust there lots of info out there on DYI your stock Vrod exhaust. good luck and enjoy your Vrod.