FuelPak On and OFF again

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Ranger63, Jul 23, 2009.

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    Hi Members
    I just recently installed a set of V&H staggered short shots on my nightster 09, I had SE Slip on's but needed more sound. I also had the stage 1 filter and the HD remap done when the bike was delivered... anyways installed the V&H, sounds great ... ordered a fuelpak, installed it, programmmed it to FP-2222 and the bike runs awfull, took off the fuel pak and the bike never ran so well.
    Super smooth throttle, extremly responsive, no popping deceleration back firing, and ammazing top end, I keep think I am still in forth, but really am in 5th, amazing pull in 5th gear, engine purrs like a cat, runs great !!

    Do I really need a tuner ?? The bike runs better now than when it was delivered from the dealer... no joke, this bike is so smooth, sounds awesome too.
    Can anyone please offer honest comments to a tuner need or not. I have tried to contact Fuelpak, stayed 40 minutes on the phone, on hold listening to jazz ( blah ) and sent emails, and no replies .... :(

    oh, by the way, awesome forum !! :) Glad to be a member
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    With the fuel pack on there you do not need to install a tuner.Sounds like the bike is running great.Good luck and safe riding!
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    Sounds like the fuel pack map may not be correct since his ecu was already re programed from the dealer. Doesnt the fuel pack simply modify the ecu map?

    I would call the V&H people and give them all the info and possibly they can help with a different setting.

    You say it is running better now with fuel pack removed. Are you saying it did not run this good with original ECU down load? If so this is odd as the V&H does not modify the ECU, when you removed it is supposed to revert to original setting.
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    With the F.P. on your scoot - was it to lean or rich, are sure HD did the remap? Doesn't the canned map at HD put the bike back to a leaner,EPA allowed setting? The reason I ask is because I have V&H tapered slips and the F.P.(plugged it in,set it to specs.) with the A.N. big sucker A/C and did nothing else-I should state that my indy did this for me- on my 07 Ultra and just got back from a 2-up,all 3 "bags" packed, 2,721 mile round trip and it preformed flawlessly. Different bikes I realize this.

    adder - Did you have it remapped AFTER the V&H shortshots were installed?
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    Hi Guys
    Thanks for the replies, let me back up a little...bought the bike new in spring and the dealer did the stage 1 air filter and installed the SE Slip On, and did the remap on the ECU. A Harley download ...
    I now installed V&H Shortshots, and also installed the FuelPak, bike ran not so good with the fuelpak, kinda border line awefull ... so I removed the fuelpak, and the bike runs better than ever ... I did a small trip today about 250 km, stopped in at a HD dealer, he checked the plugs, looked at the remap on the ECU took iot for a spin ... and said that I was fine ... so if any one wishes to buy a Fuelpak I have one for sale, as far as trying to speak with fuelpak, good luck, stayed on the phone on nite for 40 minutes,( on hold waiting for tech support ) ( decided to hang up ) and I have sent them three emails for help ... all with no answers ... I dunno about these fuelpak guys ...

    It was agood ride today, wish every day was a ridin day :)
    Thanks Guys, Your comments are the best, keep em comin'
    Ride Safe, look out for the idiots comin out of the coffee shops LOL :)

    Hello Hobbit -
    Thanks for the comments ... in an earlier thread I read from you that you would not put the 1200 sportster into fifth until about 60 mph ... ( 100 km ) did I read this correct ... what would the approximate rpm be in 5th, say at 70 mph ( 120 Km ) ... i am canadian, eh LOL .. Thanks
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